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Angela Hom


Writer | Editor | Content Creator


I am a writer and content creator based in Southern California. A passionate storyteller using her gift of words to empower others to see a new perspective.

My Work

My Work

Generous Generation - Writer & Content Creator

  • ​Collaborated with non-profits and designers for creative social media campaigns targeting the Gen Z demographic.

  • Aided in the digital campaigns by creating copy and videos for an Instagram social audience of over 700 followers leading to a 20% increase in engagement.

  • Prototyped new content through Instagram.

Comparing the Corona

This project exists to showcase various countries' responses to COVID-19. From here, you can explore the various pages of student responses on their perspective of their country's response. Each student's response is not representative of the country as a whole but is a window into the experience of life in these countries during the pandemic.


More than a Menu Book Project

Each year Biola University students partake in creating a book focusing on a specific topic. This year's (2021) topic was focused on Asian culture and food.

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