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Article Tagging

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For this assignment, I added tags to existing articles to set categories. This task involved me reading through past articles and determining what keywords would fit best for each piece to categorize and match other pieces.

View work here:

Live Tags:

Story Producer Shadowing

For this assignment, I was assigned to shadow various story producers (editors) to observe and understand the magazine's editing process. I shadowed two pieces. The first piece I was assigned in the middle of the process to see how finalization works. The second piece I was assigned in the beginning (story pitch and first draft) to see how the vetting and initial editing process works.


First Piece:





Second Piece:

My Edits:

My Edits:

Published Version:

Coming Soon

Newsletters & Administrative Work

As an editorial intern, I was able to work exclusively on the staff for Inheritance Magazine. This meant that I would sit in on brainstorming meetings about new issue themes and administrative work. One specific administrative project I collaborated on was newsletters. I had the opportunity to contribute to the magazine's weekly newsletter. This included adding links to the end of each email. As a team, we sent links through our Slack channel to the editor-in-chief and he added them to the letter. Below is an example of one of the newsletters I contributed links to (I added the article "Anti-Asian Immigration Violence is Nothing New").

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