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More Than A Menu Book

I had the opportunity to partake in the course Media Narrative Project at Biola University. Each year this course is offered students partake in creating a book focusing on a specific topic. This year's topic was focused on Asian culture and food.


Chapter 1

Between East and West

Role: Lead Writer

Between. For Asian Americans, it feels like they are between two cultures. The world is telling them to blend in but they feel out of place. These individuals have found a new way to take the beauty of both cultures, making it their own; and this is what it means to be Asian American.

Chapter 9

Enduring Empty Tables in a Pandemic

Role: Co-Writer

The year 2020 presented a road to the Chinese restaurant industry that was difficult to navigate. With customers deliberately choosing to forgo Chinese food because of the origin of the virus, and unemployment funds being unreliable, Southern California Chinese restaurants endured empty tables by persevering in still serving their customers.

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