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Solid Coffee Roasters was founded by three individuals, Daniel Kam and Kevin Kim, the original founders, and Mark Tigchelaar, who would join later on. Tigchelaar’s focus is on the business of Solid Coffee Roasters and the physical storefront. His vision is to make Solid Coffee Roasters a place where people can feel comfortable and welcome.


“In our mission statement, we want to consistently create remarkable experiences for people while investing in people and communities,” says Tigchelaar. “We’re not a faith-based organization… but all three of [the founders] are Christians. Investing in people and community is something that is totally in line with our faith and what we believe God would want us to do, and does want us to do. So that was important for us to put in the mission statement.”


His Story

Tigchelaar grew up in a Christian household and was surrounded by faith in every aspect of his life (church, school, etc.); faith “was kind of ingrained in [Tigchelaar’s] whole life.” As life progressed, he began to see how faith played a huge role in everyday living. Tigchelaar started to truly see the importance of faith during his time in college. 


“I went to a Christian college, similar to Biola: Calvin College in Great Rapids, Michigan,” states Tigchelaar. “There they were helping us discern a little bit more than just, ‘This is the right way’, without really exploring it for myself.”


Life after college can be hard for many for it is when the reality of living begins to set in and the security of school fades. Post-graduate life is the realization period of ethical and moral beliefs that will shape one’s adult life.


“When my wife and I got married right after college, then we moved to California,” says Tigchelaar. “Then that’s when real life starts to happen and you’re not surrounded by Christians, people who are exactly like you anymore. So you gotta really make the decision at that point. Is this really what I believe and can affirm in this faith.”


God encompasses many different attributes and many view Him with a different perspective. Tigchelaar shares how God, in his perspective, is all-powerful and yet Tigchelaar is comforted in the mystery.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that He or it exists but I feel like I have peace in [not] knowing exactly all the answers or being able to define what God is or who He is, is ok,” states Tigchelaar. “I actually like that cause it keeps the mystery and enjoyment of actually having faith and there’s something higher than me and us.”


Coffee to Support

Tigchelaar describes how the business started and how the three founders strive to make Solid Coffee Roasters a company based on community and charity.


“[Solid Coffee Roasters] started a platform called… a [platform for any] non-profit or any sort of franchise that was trying to raise money could set up a subscription service for free,” says Tigchelaar. “They would get their subscribers and we would ship them coffee, and we would charge them what we need to charge them for us to make money. We ship coffee directly to customers and they would make money off the profits without having to put money upfront because, obviously, for non-profits, it’s an organization and you don’t have a lot of money upfront to invest in a fundraising platform.”


Aside from the humble beginnings of Solid Coffee Roasters, Tigchelaar shares how the business has grown to support many faith-based non-profits to help the community. One of these non-profits is Kingdom Causes Bellflower, an organization that Solid Coffee Roasters has partnered with to help women from homeless rehabilitation shelters.


“We gave her basically her first job to get back on her feet and get skills to build up her resume to get another job after she was able to do that with us,” expresses Tigchelaar. “There’s not many businesses that will do that sort of thing, that’s what makes us a little different cause we’re not afraid to do that kind of stuff.”


In addition to Kingdom Causes, Solid Coffee Roasters also supports children in the foster system. These kids are often experiencing much distress from the search for a forever family, and Tigchelaar has a personal connection to this system.


“My wife and I adopted our son through the foster system and we from time to time will hold trainings [at the Artesia location], the next one is in August; trainings for people who are interested in doing foster care,” says Tigchelaar.


The ability to support the community and spread that message is something that Tigchelaar believes makes Solid Coffee Roasters unique from the other coffee shops.


“I think what makes us different is that we really live it,” says Tigchelaar. “And you can see in us, some of the things that could affect your wallet or the bank account, we will actually [help support organizations financially] and not just say it.”


Aside from the heart the founders have to contribute to the community, Tigchelaar explains how as a storefront they desire to make the experience at the store as approachable as possible.


“We think that’s easier for someone who is just exploring coffee for the first time to be able to approach us without a pretentious attitude, receiving a pretentious attitude from the baristas,” expresses Tigchelaar. “We’ve just heard that again and again that our business is more approachable than others. For us, that’s congruent with our faith and we’re not better than anyone else’s coffee shop”

Warm Souls & Great Coffee

The founders of Solid Coffee Roasters portray a true heart for God’s people. They not only serve the community but also strive for a hospitable experience at their storefront. This is an attitude reminiscent of Jesus. Jesus was not only on Earth to spread God’s Word but also to love on those around Him, especially the lost and broken.


In Galatians 5:13-14 it states, “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another. For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’”


As Jesus lived to serve, we must also do so. Kam, Tigchelaar, and Kim all exemplify how this service is meant to look. It is through hospitality and a desire to help those who are less fortunate that we work to glorify God’s Kingdom.


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